Our Mission



LAMF works with colleges nationwide to increase the safety of students and faculty. We advocate for raising the security standards in academic institutions through trained student ambassadors, practical technologies and strengthening the social fabric of any campus by fostering a local team spirit and sparking a new kind of inclusive conversation.


What’s The Problem



Everyone knows colleges are not the safe havens they used to be. But we can change that. We don’t need to agree with one in four women getting sexually assaulted while in college. and we shouldn’t look away when hate crimes are up over 2000% in the last decade. It’s as much about the feeling of safety as it is about safety. Because still today about 40% of all female college students report being the victims of abusive dating behaviors, including physical, sexual, technological, verbal, and controlling abuse. We need to change the culture.


Of all female college
students report being the victims of abusive dating behaviors


One in four women getting sexually assaulted while in college


Increase in college hate crimes in the last decade


The Leonard A. Marshall Foundation was founded by NFL all star Leonard Marshall because “I grew up experiencing segregation and separation and the first place that changed that was the Giants. They gave me a team where everyone shared the same spirit and felt part of that family”. The LAMF strives to raise a generation that feels safer because it is more aware, more open, more trusting, and more connected. We envision a nation where people share a common team spirit regardless of their background, views, inclinations and preferences. Because when someone feels unsafe, stressed or segregated, their well-being suffers, their academic performance suffer, their plans for life suffer and with it the entire environment around them becomes toxic. We believe we can change that by learning to value the power of togetherness over differences.


What We Do



Creating safety is an ongoing team effort. Through the leadership of Leonard Marshall, the LAMF engages students, general assistants, faculty, and security personnel on campus in a range of activities that raise awareness for the issue of on-campus safety, build a sense of community and team spirit, address long standing issues, and offer specific conflict resolution.

Workshop 1


LAMF harnesses an impressive roster of sports and entertainment celebrities to raise awareness for the issue of on-campus safety and to inspire students and faculty to sign up to our Everyday Ambassadors training program. 

Workshop 2


The Foundation starts by educating students and staff about the things that contribute to the creation of a toxic environment on campus. It helps people understand that it’s enough for one person or one group of people to feel unsafe, to damage the spirit on campus. And most importantly, our facilitators teach people how to change that by creating a safe culture.

Everyday Ambassadors

Facilitators from the LAMF guide students who sign up for the program through physical and virtual meetings where they learn how to create a culture of inclusivity using the Circles Method.

Workshop 3

Practical Technologies 

The LAMF promotes technological solutions that enhance personal safety through prevention, precision tracking, and quick response. A portion of all donations go to sponsor devices like Tucker.                                                            

Activity 1

Building a Team Spirit 

LAMF is not limited to traditional motivational speaking and invests in recruiting ambassadors from within the student body, inviting students to participate in discussion circles that inspire trust and spark a different kind of conversation


Conflict Resolution

Using the Circles Method, students experience first hand the power of inclusivity by participating in guided discussion circles that build trust, create a safe space, and practically build a team spirit among different groupings on campus.



We'd love to hear from you! If you have questions about the work of the foundation, if you'd like to get involved or if you'd like to bring the LAMF to your campus, please write to us.

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