What's in the box?

Every Safety Kit Contains clear, easy to follow safety guidelines, the Tucker personal emergency response device and the Tucker app. While our goal is to create safe college environments, this kit will ensure that students are feeling safe until the new culture has taken root.




The most precise, most secure, totally independent personal emergency response wearable designed for college students

Tucker, designed by Tucker Inc. and featuring groundbreaking technology by Glacis is a student's best friend. It lets you quick and discretely call for help using its panic button and can provide information on your location with 3D precision within seconds. Durable and waterproof it can go anywhere you go. It's the only device of its kind that can make and receive calls with the press of a button, independently of your phone.



Designed to be simple and intuitive, the app helps you make sense of the situation quickly and precisely

Developed by engineers and designed by real humans, the app collects all the relevant info about each Tucker in one easy to navigate interface. Active only when the panic button is pressed, the app provides GPS location, altitude, and other situational information that can help a friend or a campus security officer to quickly asses the situation and act properly.


Stay Safe guidelines

Everything you need, nothing you don't. A few simple do's and don't's that will keep you out of trouble

Years of experience on campus and off were distilled into a concise handbook that's easy to read and even easier to follow.